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QIC Overview

  • Name of the cell: Quality Improvement Cell (QIC)
  • QIC Coordinator: Dr. Poorva Agrawal, Assistant Professor
  • Composition

Description of the QIC:

The Quality Improvement Cell is established for planning, guiding, and monitoring the quality assurance and enhancement activities of the institute.

Objectives of QIC:

  • To improve academic and administrative excellence by institutionalizing a culture of quality.
  • To promote and implement quality improvement measures in the key performance areas through planned interventions and strategies.
  • To develop a standard procedure and methodology for every quality initiative.
  • To co-ordinate and document all the quality initiatives and ensure its effective implementation.

Criteria details:

Criteria Name of Criteria Head E-Mail ID
Criterion – I: Curricular Aspects Prof. Monali Gulhane
Criterion – II: Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Dr. Latika Pinjarkar
Criterion – III: Research, Innovations and Extension Dr. Sudhanshu Maurya
Criterion – IV: Infrastructure and Learning Resources Dr. Sagarkumar Badhiye
Criterion – V: Student Support and Progression Dr. Pradnya Borkar
Criterion – VI: Governance, Leadership and Management Dr. Poorva Agrawal
Criterion – VII: Institutional Values and Best Practices Dr. Gopal Kumar Gupta