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Training and Placement


The Training & Placement Department at SIT Nagpur is a vital resource dedicated to nurturing our students' career aspirations. We act as the bridge between our students and the dynamic landscape of industries.

Our core objective is to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship between our students and the corporate sector. To achieve this, we offer a range of programs and initiatives that extend beyond traditional classroom learning. This includes facilitating internships, organizing industrial training sessions, and hosting technical talks by industry experts.

Committed to every aspect of our students' career development journey, our Training and Placement Department conducts comprehensive programs covering career guidance, aptitude tests, mock interviews, and group discussions. Our aim is to equip students with the skills and confidence needed to navigate their path to success."

Aim & Objectives:
  • Facilitate Campus Interviews: Organize campus interviews for students across India, connecting them with potential employers.
  • Enhance Employability Skills: Provide training in aptitude tests, group discussions, and technical interviews through professional trainers, ensuring students are well-prepared for the recruitment process.
  • Career Counselling: Conduct career counselling sessions by arranging expert interactions with industry professionals and influencers, guiding students toward informed career decisions.
  • Industry Engagement: Maintain consistent engagement with the industry through guest lectures, conferences, seminars, and other events, fostering a strong connection between academia and industry.
  • Soft Skills Development: Offer necessary training to students in essential soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership, to enhance their overall employability.
  • Collaborative Projects and Workshops: Collaborate with the industry for live capstone projects, research initiatives, workshops, and industrial visits, providing students with hands-on experience and exposure to real-world challenges and practices.

Mr. Aditya Bhatia, Center Head Tech Mahindra Nagpur interaction with student in expert session


Mr. Arvind Kumar Center Head TCS Nagpur interaction with student in expert session


MR. S. Balagenesh General Manager HCL Tech Interaction with students inExpert Session 1

Training Activities

At SIT Nagpur, we offer various training activities to enhance placement opportunities for our students. The training fundamentals are basically divided into three important skill sets. The institute has formulated an SEC (Skills Enhancement Course) for students from the first year every semester to enhance their competence skills in all manner.

The faculty, industry personnel, and training professionals conduct year-round sessions to enhance students' skill sets. Automated software “CODE TANTRA” is used to continuously assess their performance in all skill sets.

Training Fundamentals

Technical & Programming Skills

  • Technical Workshops: We organize technical workshops focused on enhancing students' proficiency in core engineering subjects and emerging technologies. Industry experts conduct these workshops and cover topics relevant to the current job market.
  • Industry Interaction Sessions: We invite industry professionals to interact with students and share insights into current industry trends, expectations, and recruitment processes. These sessions provide students with valuable guidance and industry exposure.
  • Technical Competition, Peer-to-Peer Learning & Hackathon: Regular activities are conducted to challenge students' technical abilities across diverse industry scenarios, involving solving real-world industry problem statements to cultivate practical problem-solving skills.
  • Integrated Industry-Oriented Value-Added Courses: Students are required to participate in value-added courses from their first year, which are seamlessly integrated with the academic curriculum.

Aptitude Skills

  • Aptitude Test Preparation: We offer training programs to prepare students for aptitude tests commonly used by companies during recruitment. These programs cover topics such as quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, and verbal ability.

Soft Skills Session

  • Soft Skills Training: We conduct soft skills training sessions to improve students' communication, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and leadership abilities. These sessions help students develop the professional skills necessary to succeed in interviews and workplace environments.
  • Mock Interviews: Mock interview sessions are organized to simulate real interview scenarios. Feedback is provided to students to help them understand their strengths and areas for improvement, allowing them to refine their interview skills.
  • Group Discussion Practice: Group discussion sessions are conducted to help students improve their communication and presentation skills. Students are given topics to discuss, and constructive feedback is provided to help them enhance their performance.
  • Resume Building Workshops: Workshops on resume building are organized to help students create professional and impactful resumes. Tips and best practices are shared to ensure students' resumes effectively highlight their skills and achievements.
  • Career Counselling: Individualized career counselling sessions are conducted to assist students in identifying their career goals and charting out a personalized career path. Guidance is provided on industry trends, job opportunities, and skill development areas.

These training activities are designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in placement interviews and secure rewarding career opportunities. At SIT Nagpur, we are committed to providing holistic placement enhancement support to our students.

Sem. Academic Course Mapped Value Added Courses No of Students Enroll
II Programming and Problem Solving RedHat Python Programming with RedHat(AD141) 204
IV Java, Operating Systems Oracle Java Foundations (90 hrs), REDHAT System Administration (RHI124) 187
VI Machine Learning AWS Academy Cloud foundations (45 hrs), NPTEL: Introduction to Machine Learning 110

Industry-Linked Certifications

  • At SIT Nagpur, the institution acknowledges the paramount importance of industry-recognized certifications in shaping students' career trajectories.
  • As a testament to this commitment, strategic alliances have been formed with prestigious entities like Red Hat Academy, Oracle Academy, and AWS Academy.
  • These affiliations offer comprehensive and industry-focused certification programs, ensuring students gain practical expertise and hands-on experience in leading-edge technologies.
  • Obtaining these certifications elevates students' marketability and validates their proficiency to potential employers, opening doors to lucrative career prospects.

Training & Placement Team


Dr. Pratik Agarwal

Training and Placement Head

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Prof. Sneha Thomas Placement Team Member

Prof. Sneha Thomas

Placement Team Member

Mr. Milind Gaikwad Senior Placement Co-ordinator

Mr. Milind Gaikwad

Senior Placement Coordinator

Student Placement Representatives

Sr. No. Name Sr. No. Name
1 Tanishq Ghodpage 12 Aditya Nittala
2 Noopur Kirwai 13 Vedant Shrirao
3 Kritika Nimje 14 Vaishnavi Gulhane
4 Oshin Sahare 15 Priyanshu Khandelwal
5 Tanay Yaduka 16 Shafaq
6 Shaurya Potdukhe 17 Prathamesh Yadav
7 Mahati Akella 18 Aditya Bhure
8 Sanskruti Nerkar 19 Sunidhi Haware
9 Sanjula Kalbande 20 Siddhant Shende
10 Rutuja Durge 21 Harsh manmode
11 Anay Vyawahare 22 Rinku choudhary

Guidelines for Students

  1. All final-year students must register at the Training & Placement cell and provide the required details in the specified datasheet.
  2. Any change in plans regarding Placement must be communicated to the Department TPOs with a valid explanation.
  3. Registration for each Campus Recruitment Process is compulsory. Last-minute entries will not be accepted.
  4. Students who do not wish to participate in the placement process are required to submit an undertaking declaring their intention not to participate. This declaration helps the institution identify students who have opted for the placement process.
  5. Carefully review all details before registering for the campus process.
  6. Registered students must participate in the Campus Recruitment Process. Failure to attend after registration results in exclusion from the next placement.
  7. Direct communication with Company HR Executives is prohibited. All correspondence must occur through the TPOs.
  8. Formal dress code adherence is mandatory during all Campus Recruitment Process activities.
  9. Professional conduct and adherence to the code of conduct are required during the Campus Recruitment Process.
  10. Students with only one offer are eligible to reappear for the Dream Offer, where the total package is more than the current CTC.
  11. Every student should be ready to join PAN India.
  12. Acceptance of the offer and joining the company upon selection is mandatory.
  13. Immediate sharing of the offer/Letter of Intent/Appointment letter with the T&P Faculty Coordinator is required.